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Proper lawn care is crucial to maintaining your property through every season. But weeds and a lack of care can quickly cause your lawn to look a little less bright and a little less clean. With Hero Service, we have all the knowledge and expertise to help you combat any enemy threatening your lawn. For commercial or residential lawn care in Southwest and Northwest Calgary, Hero Service provides the hero your lawn needs.

We can do more than just mow your lawn. Allow us to take care of all of the details. Our lawn care services include Lawn Aeration, Lawn Fertilization, Lawn Rejuvenation, Power Raking, and Weed Control.

We are careful and meticulous when it comes to looking after each and every lawn. At Hero Service, we carry a Pesticide Applicators License. This allows us to provide safe and effective weed control services.

Let Hero Service take care of your lawn care needs. That way, you can spend your weekends relaxing or spending time with your loved ones. Our experts are only a call away!

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Service Process

For all our lawn care services, we follow a similar protocol. This keeps things easy and predictable.

After arriving on your property, the crew lead hops out, starts a timer, and takes one nice ‘before’ photo, we will send you a link where you can view our before/after photos of your property.

The crew lead then unloads and checks for areas of concern, such as irrigation systems, pet waste, and the current lawn condition.

Within our CRM are all the notes that the crew lead needs to complete his or her job. Once they have done their initial check of the property, they will read over these notes and complete the service(s).

Once the job is complete, the crew lead will load up and blow off any hard surfaces. They will then take an ‘after’ photo, stop the timer, and head out to the next property.

Most of our lawn care services take about an hour or less. They often only involve one of our crew members.

And with Hero Service, there’s no need to worry. We always put safety first.

Every team member must wear long pants, jeans, or slacks. We also provide ear protection, gloves, masks, and eye and respiratory protection for all our crew and weed control technicians.

Want to know more about each individual lawn care service? Check out the details of each service below.


Lawn aeration in Calgary, AB helps decompact your soil, allowing air, water, and nutrients to reach the grass roots. This is especially important with all four seasons hitting the Calgary region and placing varying degrees of stress on your lawn.

We ask customers before any lawn aeration service to water their lawn the night before and flag or mark any irrigation heads present. After our crews have finished your aeration service, a sign of a job well-done is a good distribution of plugs with 1-inch depths across your entire lawn.


With Hero Service in Calgary, AB, we also offer power raking. Power raking is an excellent way to clear thatch, debris, and build-up from your lawn. This prevents your grass from getting smothered.

Our Calgary power raking service involves even passes on the lawn with no areas missed and all the debris vacuumed up. Before service, please mark any irrigation heads and ensure your lawn is dry.


For lawn rejuvenation, you can expect grass growth within 4-6 weeks. This service involves soil, seed, and fertilizer. However, the success of your lawn rejuvenation depends on rigorous watering after the service. We always recommend watering the lawn for 30 minutes a day for 10 days, then every other day for another 10 days. This should then be followed by watering three days a week.


Our lawn fertilization helps to replenish lost nutrients in the soil, especially after particularly rough seasons. We often recommend fertilization twice before July, once in the summer, and once in the fall.

Our team always ensures an even distribution of fertilizer with no spills, burning, or green lines. Once fertilized, your lawn should look nice and green within about 10-14 days, just add water!


Weeds are not your friends (or ours!). To help prevent the spread of invasive weeds to your neighbours, Hero Service can professionally take care of this problem with our weed control service.

Our crew members are very careful to not overspray any areas, as well as keep the spray away from flower beds. Usually, with our weed control services, you should see improvements, such as weeds browning and withering away, after about 2 weeks.

Before any weed control service, we ask that you make sure the lawn is dry and don’t water for 24 hours after the application. It’s also important to keep pets and children off the lawn for about 4-6 hours.

How Do I Sign Up?


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Once you approve the quote, we can start your service within a week.

Pricing Detail

Our pricing varies depending on which lawn care service you require. Please check out the pricing details for each of these services below.

Lawn Aeration: This service is a minimum of $80, or $60 when paired with another service.

Fertilizer: This service is $30-40 per application when paired with another service, such as weed control.

Lawn Rejuvenation: Pricing starts at $350 for small areas. Entire lawns generally cost $500+.

Power Raking: This service is $120 by itself, or $100 when paired with another service.

Weed Control: This service is $100 for a single application, $150 for two applications, and $249 for unlimited, add three fertilizer treatments for $100.

200% Money-Back Guarantee

We want you to be so thrilled with our services that you recommend us to your family, friends, and neighbours. If we ever miss the mark with customer service or service fulfillment, we will refund your entire invoice amount and pay out of pocket for a competitor to do the job right.

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Hero Service is dedicated to providing the highest quality lawn care and snow services in the Southwest and Northwest Calgary regions, including Varsity, Edgemont, Aspen, Scenic Acres, Silver Springs, Sunnyside, Inner City, Mount Pleasant, Crescent Heights, Brentwood, Dalhousie, Hawkwood, Ranchlands, Arbour Lake, Royal Oak, Citadel, Rocky Ridge, Hamptons, Panorama Hills, West Hills, Springbank, and Killarny.

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